Current Issue


Greener concrete using post-consumer products
Rakesh Kumar and Tarun R. Naik
Greener concrete using industrial by-products
Rakesh Kumar and Tarun R. Naik
Geopolymer concrete for environmental protection
B. Vijaya Rangan
Reducing shrinkage cracking with internal curing:
From theory to practice

Tim Barrett, Albert Miller and Jason Weiss
The UHPFRC revolution in structural design and construction
Jacques Resplendino and François Toutlemonde
UHPC in the U.S. highway infrastructure: Experience and outlook
Benjamin A. Graybeal
Strain-hardening cementitious composites
Victor C. Li
Sustainable rehabilitation with fiber reinforced concrete
Nemkumar Banthia, Cristina Zanotti and
Manote Sappakittipakorn



GUEST EDITORIAL - N. Subramanian


DISCUSSION FORUM: Strength and drying shrinkage of green concrete