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Addressing underground water challenges

Custom constructions in areas with high water table require careful evaluation as compared to the areas with a low water table, especially for the basement. At a commercial site in Bhopal, a key constructional challenge of groundwater pressure being too high was experienced, which lead to submerging of land. To protect their site from underground…

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Why are Geophysical Site Investigation Techniques consequential?

In developing countries where the rate of constructing new bridges is comparatively higher, it is essential to adopt feasible yet high-level site exploration techniques. Moreover, the technique used in the construction of a bridge plays a vital role in deciding the cost-effectiveness and design optimisation of the entire project. Among many techniques, Engineering geophysics is…

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ACC paving seamless experience for the passengers at GMR – RGI Airport, Hyderabad

Introduction People often equate the grandiose of a project to the quantum of work involved, when they should equate that to how project strategies have contributed towards enhancing customer experience & convenience. At ACC, we have always opted for a solution-oriented approach that benefits the end-user. Therefore, we joined arms to resolve the walkway issues…

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