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Architects Parekh Collaborative

The 720 Villa is set within a precinct where various houses are built belonging to the extended family set. The dwelling built with an ecological vision where the climate and client’s brief are translated into a ‘House’ authentic both in terms of context and workmanship. The material palette of sandstone and M.P. Teak offer sensual experiences.

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The Green Revolution

Sustainable architecture has become one of the most commonly used words in our dictionary today due to the world slowly acclimatizing itself to climate change and what it means. Nowadays, the term is so commonly used that a definition is important to first understand what the concept is all about.

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Dilli Kali Badi, Mandir Marg, New Delhi

A lady in a pink saree and a mauve shawl was seated in front of a large sculpted wall, soaking the winter sun with her head bowed. Strangely enough, she chose a spot that was not intentionally designed for seating. As architects we design spaces for use, yet there are uses such as this which is hard to comprehend but it exists as a result of something else. In this particular case it happens to be the Rejuvenation project of the oldest Kali Badi Complex at Mandir Marg, New Delhi

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