Addressing underground water challenges

Custom constructions in areas with high water table require careful evaluation as compared to the areas with a low water table, especially for the basement.

At a commercial site in Bhopal, a key constructional challenge of groundwater pressure being too high was experienced, which lead to submerging of land. To protect their site from underground water and fix the problem, they required assistance. ACC offered a disruptive solution in the form of a newly launched, high-performing anti-washout concrete – ACC Suraksha NX Antiwashout Concrete. This innovative solution enables the customer to pour the concrete without worrying about the high water table in their foundation. It is noticed that this product has gained widespread popularity in Tier-II cities.

Constructional Challenges and Solutions
Before shedding light on the confronted challenges, let’s discuss the impact of water table levels. The level at which the gravel and soil are considered to be saturated with water is called the water table, and it lies underground. This level can vary from high to low, depending on the area, seasonal changes, condition of the soil to name a few.

That said, our major challenge was soaked land caused by a high water table. Areas with high water table are prone to infrastructural damages since the groundwater exerts pressure and weakens the foundation. It also causes dampness issues in the future. Another challenge was the concrete setting time. Both the challenges were resolved with the sourced anti-washout solution, which displayed desired properties of concrete and could be poured on surfaces with high water content. It came with an additional benefit of rapid setting time, i.e., 2 hours.

#Better Building Practices
In every project, we deal with different challenges and list a few better building practices based on what proved useful for us. We aim to promote these practices and create value for the construction community.

  • A thorough examination is proposed before construction in the areas with a high water table to avoid post-construction challenges
  • Evaluate all the options available to fix a particular challenge before committing to any one solution
  • It is observed that anti-washout solution fixes the challenge of soaked land in the areas with a high water table
  • To decrease the concrete setting time, we would suggest using a product mix which offers a rapid setting time of 2 hours or less