May - 2013

  • BOOK REVIEW : Decorative and innovative use of concrete
  • SUPPLEMENTARY CEMENTITIOUS MATERIALS: Glass powder as a pozzolan in concrete B.R. Patagundi, K.B. Prakash and V.V. Karjinni
  • EVENT REPORT: UKIERI Concrete Congress 2013
  • RAILWAYS : Improving the techniques for road under bridge construction R.S. Dubey
  • Technical Papers
  • Concrete blended with fly ash and subjected to sustained elevated temperatures K.N. Vishwanath, N. Suresh and V. Bindiganavile
  • Experimental investigations on heat evolution during hydration of cementitious materials in concrete using adiabatic calorimetry G. Prasath and Manu Santhanam
  • Application of affine theorem to orthotropic rectangular reinforced concrete slab with short side opening symmetric about horizontal axisM. Ravindra, K. Rambabu and K. Srinivasa Rao
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