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March - 2024

March - 2024
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  • Effects of coal bottom ash on the standard consistency and setting time of binary binders Kiruthiga P., Niragi Dave, Ramesh Guduru, Vishal Asnani View Abstract
  • Mechanical investigation of high strength sustainable ternary geopolymer concrete Lokesh Choudhary, Vaishali Sahu, Archanaa Dongre View Abstract
  • Effect of submicron ceramic waste powder on the standard consistency and setting properties of binary binders Niragi Dave, Kiruthiga P. View Abstract
  • Effects of coconut fiber on mechanical properties of pervious concrete incorporating recycled concrete aggregates Shuddhashil Ghosh, Shubham Bansal, Lokesh Choudhary, Vaishali Sahu View Abstract
  • Effect of pulverized ceramic waste powder as a partial cement replacement in cement paste and mortar application Niragi Dave, Kiruthiga P., Vishal Asnani View Abstract


The image featured on the cover page highlights ‘Cuttingedge construction materials and methods’ that resonate with the edition’s theme ‘Reinventing concrete for a greener tomorrow’, emphasizing the imperative to explore innovative and environmentally friendly construction materials.

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