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February - 2014

    Technical Papers
  • Characterisation of the toughness of fibre reinforced concrete – Revisited in the Indian context Sunitha K. Nayar, Ravindra Gettu and Sree Krishnan C.
  • Strength and drying shrinkage of green concrete Arun Kumar A., A.S. Santhi and G. Mohan Ganesh
  • Lateral load behaviour of squat RC structural walls Kaushik Mondal, Arvind Kumar Jaiswal and C.V.R. Murty
  • Influence of initial curing humidity on compressive strength and ultrasonic properties of concrete B.B. Das, D.N. Singh and S.P. Pandey
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  • Discussion Forum : Modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture and compressive strength relationships of concrete containing GGBFS
  • Point of View : Reliability of accelerated curing techniques for speedy design of concrete mixes – An appraisal of IS 9013:1978 code V. Jayadevan, V.R Valsalakumary and O.B. Sufeera
  • Crumb Rubber Concrete : Influence of crumb rubber concrete on the seismic performance of a frame structure based on stiffness and fundamental period Pradosh K. Sahoo, Nimish Shrivastava and Han Zhu
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