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October - 2014

    Technical Papers
  • Development and study of some properties of papercrete concrete M. Rame Gowda and K. Prasanna
  • Green concrete specification and sustainable technologies Dong-Uk Choi, Geonho Hong, Cheolwoo Park, Hyun-Bo Shim and Keun-Hyeok Yang
  • Technological advancements for manufacturing cement in an ecologically sustaining manner in the future Ulhas Parlikar
  • Mechanical properties of high strength concrete with processed recycled aggregate – Influence of mixing techniques V.S. Babu, A.K. Mullick, K.K. Jain and P.K. Singh
  • Performance of recycled aggregates in self compacting concrete Prashant O. Modani and Vinod M. Mohitkar
  • Effect of partial replacement of sand with municipal solid waste ash on the strength of concrete Manoj Sharma, S.K. Sharma and Maneek Kumar
  • Fine fractions of recycled concrete as sand replacement Parag Agrawal, Naman Dube, A.K. Mullick and V.S. Babu
  • Curing of concrete with wastewater and curing compounds : Effect on strength and water absorption Kaustav Sarkar, Tadesse M. Miretu and Bishwajit Bhattacharjee
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  • Point of View: Properties of concrete with eggshell powder as cement replacement Amarnath Yerramala
  • Point of View: Sustainable transformation of construction waste : An approach for CSR enhancement Rohit Sadaphal
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