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March - 2018

  • DISCUSSION FORUM: Residential masonry constructions and their earthquake safety in the rural area of Mandi district
  • POINT OF VIEW: Analysis of cracks in metro segment using FEM, rectification methods proposed and associated cost saving, points to ponder for young designersVivek Abhyankar and Raviteja Kilaparthi
  • Technical Papers
  • Characterization of Indian fly ashes using different experimental techniquesG.V.P. Bhagath Singh and Kolluru V.L. Subramaniam
  • A scientific approach to measure the workability of concrete using concrete shear box Girish S., Ajay N., Girish Kumar S. and Hrushikesh M.
  • Shear strength of high volume fly ash cement concrete beamsKode Venkata Ramesh and D.S.R Murty
  • Influence of fineness of fly ash on compressive strength and microstructure of bottom ash admixed geopolymer mortar Shivaprasad K.N., B.B. Das and Renjith R.
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