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April - 2018

  • POINT OF VIEW: POINT OF VIEW: Strength and durability of high performance engineered cementitious compositesA. Arun Kumar, Omansh Sharma, Sarthak Bansal and Vaibhav Singhai
  • POINT OF VIEW: Construction cost effectiveness of sustainable buildings in warm and humid climate zone of IndiaAbhay S. Avhad and Gayatri S. Vyas
  • Technical Papers
  • Confluence of requirements for sustainable and durable concreteA.K. Mullick
  • Embodied energy – A measure of sustainability of buildings Smitha J.S., Tejaswini D.N. and Shrikant Charhate
  • Studies on applicability of Dewar’s theory of particle packing to concrete mix proportioning for sustainable developmentG. Indu Siva Ranjani, Aman Kumar Jain and Dino George
  • Durability studies on basalt fibre reinforced concrete S.K. Kirthika, S.K. Singh and M. Surya
  • Durability assessment of slurry infiltrated fiber concrete by using various pozzolanic materialsA.P. Shelorkar and P.D. Jadhao
  • Strength and durability properties of polypropylene fiber reinforced, recycled coarse aggregate concreteSneha Das, Paramveer Singh and Vijyant Singh Negi
  • CEffect of natural admixture on durability properties of conventional and Class C fly ash blended concreteT.S. Ramesh Babu and D. Neeraja
  • Durability evaluation of precast concrete paver block, using steel slag and PET fibresRajbir Singh and Sanjay Goel
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