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March - 2015

    Technical Papers
  • Alternatives to natural sand for concrete and mortar A.K. Mullick
  • Abrasion resistance and strength properties of concrete containing municipal solid waste ash Manoj Sharma, Maneek Kumar and S.K. Sharma
  • Mechanical properties of binary blended standard concrete using ground granulated blast furnace slag and robo sand M. Vijaya Sekhar Reddy, M.C. Nataraja, M. Seshalalitha and I.V. Ramana Reddy
  • Effect of cement on construction of biosand filters in remote communities around the world Alexandra Deaconu and Rishi Gupta
  • Performance study of concrete containing stone dust and marble powder with silica fume and superplasticiser Tanpreet Singh and Jaspal Singh
  • Influence of different mineral and chemical admixtures in OPC with river sand and comparison with standard sand on durability properties J. Prabakar and Agadi Kishan and Leelavathi K.S.
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  • Point of View : Seismic retrofitting of operational nuclear facility with limited radioactive inventory R. Sharma, S.K. Saini and N.S. Gabhane
  • Discussion Forum: Evaluation of stress block parameters for self compacting rubberised concrete composites
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