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November - 2015

    Technical Papers
  • Marble and granite in India : Process, problems and potential slurry utility in concrete Supratic Gupta, Anuj Maheshwari and Khuito Murumi
  • Rationalising acceptable levels of damage for structures designed as per codes IS 456, IS 1893 and IS 13920 Swajit S. Goud and R. Pradeep Kumar
  • Investigation of slant shear bond strength of repair materials for durable concrete repair Rashmi R. Pattnaik and Prasada R. Rangaraju
  • Formulae for sodium hydroxide solution preparation of known molar concentration for geopolymer concretes N.P. Rajamane and R. Jeyalakshmi
  • Interfacial transition zone, strength and chloride penetration of recycled aggregate concrete M. Chakradhara Rao, S.K. Bhattacharyya and S.V. Barai
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  • Point of View : Strength and stability characteristics of GGBS and red mud based geopolymer concrete incorporated with hybrid fibres Alwis Deva Kirupa J. P. and Sakthieswaran N.
  • Point of View : A review on the effect of industrial waste in concrete A. Ananthi and J. Karthikeyan
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