May - 2015

    Technical Papers
  • Progressive collapse analysis of RC buildings subjected to seismic loads Harinadha B. Raparla and R. Pradeep Kumar
  • Study on stress corrosion cracking of prestressed strand in different environments J.D. Rathod, B.S. Trivedi and A.R. Sankhat
  • Computation of fundamental time period of concrete gravity dam - A parametric study Deepak Pal, Syed Samiullah, Vinay Kumar, Hari P. Samal and Milan Bandyopadhyay
  • A study on deterioration of reinforced cement concrete structures in Mumbai Suresh C. Pattanaik, E. Gopalkrishnan and Sanjaya K. Patro
  • Estimation of long-term prestress losses of box-girder bridge span using the prestress loss models in Indian and International codes of practices and comparison with field measurements P. Kamatchi, B. Dhayalini, K. Balaji Rao, S. Saibabu, S. Parivallal, K. Ravisankar and Nagesh R. Iyer
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  • Point of View : Desultory notes on application of materials science to deciphering concrete durability Anjan K. Chatterjee
  • Point of View : Dynamic response of reinforced concrete flexural members subjected to blast loading Jayarajan P.
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