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June - 2015

    Technical Papers
  • Performance evaluation of north carriageway of second Thane creek bridge through load testing P. Lakshmy, Rajeev Goel, S.K. Sharma and Pardeep Kumar
  • Experimental investigation of bacterial concrete to improve compressive strength: A microbiology and civil engineering approach G. Mohan Ganesh, A.S. Santhi, Anand Elumalai and Kalaichelvan Gurumurthy
  • Study on the modified process for the development of fly ash based geopolymer mortar cured at ambient temperature Dibyendu Adak and Saroj Mandal
  • Availability of sugarcane bagasse ash and potential for use as a supplementary cementitious material in concrete A. Bahurudeen, K.S Vaisakh and Manu Santhanam
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  • Point of View : Some aspects of load tests on concrete piles S.K. Das and Rupa Chakraborty
  • Point of View : Industrial ground floors K.K. Ganguly and K. Chatterjee
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