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January - 2020

January - 2020
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The Berlaymont building in Brussels, Belgium, houses the headquarters of the European Union Commission. Constructed in 1969, this is an exemplar concrete structure for a long service life. We aspire to achieve similar long service life concrete structures with processed recycled Construction and Demolition waste.

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  • Point of View : Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling in Europe: Long-Term Trends and Challenges Ahead Vincent Basuyau View Abstract | Open Access Content
  • Point of View : Circular Economy Andrew J. Minson View Abstract
  • New Trends in Eco-Efficient and Recycled Concrete Jorge de Brito, Francisco Agrela View Abstract
  • Technical Papers
  • Aluminium Metal Reinforced Concrete – An Environmentally Friendly System with Infinite Service Life Harald Justnes View Abstract
  • Improving the Fatigue Performance of Concrete Containing Recycled Concrete Aggregates using Blended Cements Sumit Arora, S. P. Singh View Abstract
  • Development and the Performance Evaluation of Concretes by using Recycled Aggregate Supriya Sahoo, Uma Shankar Biswal, Dinakar Pasla View Abstract
  • Performance Evaluation of Concretes by using Recycled Aggregate Bhashya V., Ramesh G., S. Sundar Kumar, Bhaskar Sangoju View Abstract
  • Effect of Mixing Process on the Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Guo Lei, Zhao Tianming, Chen Shoukai, Wang Lunyan, Xue Zhilong View Abstract
  • Vade Mecum : Concrete’s Future – From Prognosis to Reality Peter C. Hewlett View Abstract
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