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August - 2020

August - 2020
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Several successful demonstration projects have been conducted in the past few years in order to verify the practical, technical and environmental applicability of recycled aggregates. One such example is Sorumsand High School. Sorumsand High School (Norway) was built by Veidekke ASA on behalf of the building owner Akershus county authority. The RCA was produced by BA Gjenvinning and the ready-mixed concrete was supplied by Unicon. The R&D partner was SINTEF. In the inset are images from scientific research on the use of high-quality recycled concrete aggregates in structural concrete from Research Group RecyCon, KU Leuven, Belgium.

Cover image source:
- Prof. Dr. Christian J. Engelsen, SINTEF, Norway
- Prof. Dr. -Ing. Jiabin Li, KU Leuven Campus Bruges, Belgium

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