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February - 2020

February - 2020


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Constructed in 1937, Coronation Bridge in Darjeeling district, India, is an engineering marvel of its time. The beam and slab deck is supported on a single arch spanning across the Teesta river. The arch with box section, was constructed by a cantilever method, where the cantilever from each end was supported by temporary stays from the pier at the respective end. This reinforced concrete road bridge is a feat of engineering for design, construction and sustainability.

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  • Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Disturbance Indicators to Evaluate the Sustainability of Concrete Mix Designs Daman K. Panesar, Karina E. Seto, Cameron J. Churchill, and Runxiao Zhang View Abstract | Open Access Content
  • Calcium Sulfoaluminate-Belite Cements: Opportunities and Challenges Piyush Chaunsali, S. Vaishnav Kumar View Abstract
  • Introduction of a Calcined Clay-Limestone based Cement in Concrete Manufacture in Latin America Fernando Martirena-Hernandez View Abstract
  • Perspectives on Blended Cementitious Systems with Calcined Clay-Limestone Combination for Sustainable Low Carbon Cement Transition Yuvaraj Dhandapani, Manu Santhanam, Ravindra Gettu, Radhakrishna G. Pillai View Abstract
  • Field and Laboratory Experience on the Efficient and Durable Mixture Design of Concretes using Limestone Calcined Clay Cement Shashank Bishnoi, Arun C. Emmanuel, Harshvardhan View Abstract
  • Process Parameters Affecting Compressive Strength of Ambient Cured Alkali Activated Fly Ash and Bottom Ash Concrete Sonal Thakkar, Urmil Dave, Rishi Gupta, Parth Desai View Abstract
  • Effect of Different Variables on Fly Ash based Geopolymer Concrete Salmabanu Luhar, Ismail Luhar View Abstract
  • Field Applications of Low Shrinkage Engineered Cementitious Composites (LSECC) in China Zhenbo Wang, Jun Zhang View Abstract
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