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October - 2020

October - 2020
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  • In-situ ?-anchor for fiber-reinforced polymer U-wraps used for strengthening shear deficient reinforced concrete beams A. Ghani Razaqpur, Clinton D’Souza View Abstract | Click here to Read the Full Paper
  • Flexural strengthening of an existing multi-storey structure using high tensile GFRP composite reinforcement by near-surface mounted (NSM) technique R. N. Krishna View Abstract
  • Seismic resistant behavior of exterior beam-column joint with fiber hybridization R. Siva Chidambaram, Pankaj Agarwal View Abstract
  • Resilient sacrificial protection system for concrete slab under blast loading M. D. Goel, N. S. Choudhary, Sandeep Panchal View Abstract
  • Numerical analysis of reinforced ECC portal frames Preethy Mary Arulanandam, S. B. Singh, Madappa V. R. Sivasubramanian View Abstract
  • Development of hierarchically engineered cementitious composites through nano-/micro-scale investigations for disaster resilient concrete structures B. S. Sindu, Saptarshi Sasmal View Abstract


Anthony Wayne Trail Bridge in Toledo, Ohio, USA is one of the first major Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar reinforced concrete structures in Ohio. The bridge has three spans for a total length of 71.2 m and width of 36.5 m. The deck slab of the bridge is reinforced with fiberglass rebars. GFRP bars have been successfully used for the reinforcement of concrete structures for over 20 years across North America. The GFRP bars are corrosion-free, electromagnetically neutral, and weigh about four times lighter than steel; however, with significantly higher tensile strength, relatively

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Owens Corning Infrastructure Solutions, LLC

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