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January - 2023

January - 2023
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  • Grouting materials and practices for century-long corrosion protection of post-tensioned concrete bridges Karthikeyan Manickam, Radhakrishna G. Pillai View Abstract
  • Development of sustainable microbial coalesce bio-cement mortar blended with powdered seashells Veena Kumara Adi View Abstract
  • Studies on the effect of a tree pod based natural plasticizer on durability behavior of concrete Amrutha D. Shenoy, Ravindra R. View Abstract
  • Elastic modulus of equivalent block layer in concrete block pavement using finite element analysis Asish Kumar Pani, Bikasha Chandra Panda View Abstract
  • Enhancement of mechanical and durability behavior of recycled aggregate concrete by accelerated carbonation and incorporation of colloidal nano-silica Manzoor Ahmad Tantray View Abstract


All major structures are ideally designed to achieve a corrosion-free design life of more than 100 years. It is observed, some of the leading causes impacting the structures are grout materials, specifications and practices. Inset schematic recommends good practices to protect end anchorages leading to prolonged corrosion-free service life of the structure.
Cover image source:
Prof. Radhakrishna G. Pillai,
Indian Institute of Technology
(IIT) Madras

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