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August - 2023

August - 2023
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  • Computational modelling of early-age temperature development in large concrete elements constructed in horizontal layers and exposed to solar radiation Yunus Ballim View Abstract
  • Experimental study on mechanical and durability properties of steel, glass and hybrid fiber (steel and glass) based geopolymer concrete Kallempudi Murali, T. Meena View Abstract
  • Comparison of stripping-times of formwork for reinforced cement concrete structures in selected codes of practices Kumar Neeraj Jha, Siddharth Shankar, Amarjit Singh View Abstract
  • Assessment of acid and chloride resistance of ferrochrome slag based geopolymer concrete Satya Ranjan Prusty, Sanghamitra Jena, Ramakanta Panigrahi View Abstract
  • Development of structural forms using textile reinforced concrete Sachin Paul, Komathi Murugan, Ramakrishna Samanthula, Anusha S.Basavaraj, Stefie J Stephen, Ravindra Gettu, Raúl L. Zerbino View Abstract


Modular sewage treatment plant with textile reinforced concrete: corrosion free, lightweight, sustainable solution.

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras.

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