May - 2023

May - 2023
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  • Circular concrete: Prospects and possibilities of CO2 mineralization process for sustainable concrete systems Aswathy Rajendran, Pranav Desai View Abstract
  • Development of interaction surfaces for RCC columns subjected to axial load and biaxial bending reinforced with Fe550 steel Shweta R. Patrekar, Popat D. Kumbhar View Abstract
  • Steel fiber based concrete in its fresh state-a comprehensive study of workability of the concrete Manzoor Ahmad Tantray View Abstract
  • Experimental and numerical study on concrete cylinders for finding optimum percentage of crimped steel fibers with different aspect ratios N. A. G. K. Manikanta Kopuri, S. Anitha Priyadharshani View Abstract


The pictures of reinforced concrete beam-slab systems of typical buildings at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras (shown against the backdrop of a tall building) point to possibilities where improved structural design can be achieved, based on new insights.

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Shutterstock, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras

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