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February - 2023

February - 2023
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  • Performance of cement composite with GGBS and alccofine as partial replacement S. Sunil Pratap Reddy, L. Sudheer Reddy, M. Srikanth, N. R. Dakshina Murthy, J. Anusha View Abstract
  • Study on post curing properties of concrete using nanosilica as admixture Vignesh A., Thyaanesh K., Manjri Anil Dighade, A. Sofi View Abstract
  • Evaluation of the chloride diffusion coefficient in blended concrete and service life prediction of RC structures Krishna Gopi Nair, Jashvantkumar Devabhai Rathod, Sharmi Darshankumar Lad View Abstract
  • Impact of recycled waste plastic granules in cement concrete as partial replacements for M sand Ponmalar S., Revathi P. View Abstract
  • Construction delays in India: A review of shifting focus, mitigation, methodologies, and research gap Hardik Saxena, Yash Kumar Mittal, Niruti Gupta View Abstract


The 14-story limestone clad office building occupying approx. 6,00,000 sq. ft. embodies the stability, dignity and civic responsibility that characterizes the bank’s mission as the regional presence of an important Federal institution.
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