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November - 2023

November - 2023
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  • Development of sustainable prestressed concrete sleepers using mineral admixtures: An experimental and numerical investigation Bhukya Vamsi Naik, Srinivas Jeela, Nutakki Sobha Saranya, Turaka Suresh, Yugal Kishor, Sharan Kumar Goudar View Abstract
  • Implication of high-volume mineral admixture on mechanical properties and microstructure at steel-concrete interface Sharan Kumar Goudar, E. P. Sumukh, B. B. Das View Abstract
  • Efficacy of fly ash and slag in controlling the heat of hydration, strength, and durability of mass concrete Manish Prabhakar Mokal, Romio Mandal, Sanket Nayak, Sarat Kumar Panda View Abstract
  • Study on behavior of tension zone concrete in beams using shredded rubber Manoj Kumar H. R., Shivaprasad K. N. View Abstract
  • Structural response to blast loads with varying stand-off distances Vikram S. Singh, Keshav K. Sangle, Partap Singh View Abstract
  • Methods for characterization of aggregate pore structure for concrete durability Bharath Melugiri Shankaramurthy, Kejin Wang, Franciszek Hasiuk View Abstract


New IIT Tirupati campus has been constructed using a number of technologies and a series of sustainability initiatives. This prestigious project has been recognised with about 16 awards for sustainability, safety and health, and overall performance.

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Prof. K. N. Satyanarayana, Director, IIT Tirupati and facilitated by Prof. Bijily Balakrishnan, IIT Tirupati.

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